Panther Karts USA


How safe are Panther Karts?

The activity and all of the equipment is carefully designed with safety in mind. Panther Karts staff will provide drivers with rules for the activity and supervise drivers to ensure they are followed. It is essential that all drivers adhere to instructions. All our equipment is regularly checked and our staff members are trained to adhere to our safety procedures.

We will provide more support to those who need it but not let any child continue to drive who we believe is unable to use the kart safely. Panther Karts are easy and great fun when done correctly.

Do I have to book a venue?

Parties can be held almost anywhere on almost any surface. Local leisure centres, village halls, sports fields or playgrounds, the list is endless. We can even bring the karts to your home if you possess a large garden or yard. We do have a vendor that is available to us, however, there will be an extra fee associated with this service, and it would be based on their availability. Please contact us for more details.

How much space do you need?

We provide a safe and exciting opportunity for children to experience the thrill of REAL driving - probably for the first time. Panther Karts are quiet, clean and are very easy to drive. The driving circuit requires approximately 59X46ft of ground space.